Meet Archer! He is Dr. Peale’s newest family member. Archer will grow up to become a beautiful standard poodle. He can often be found running around upstairs barking at every new living being or at home on the horse ranch eating things he shouldn’t.  Even Dr. Peale has puppy issues.
​Stay tuned for more of Archer’s many adventures.


Meet our newest member BLU!
He came to us with a broken leg and Dr Peale amputated the leg and brought him back up to perfect health. Blu is a 6 month old Budgie and you can see him in our lobby behind the receptionist desk.


Virgil is a 25 year old African Grey Parrot. He lives upstairs and loves to look down at all the action going on. Feel free to say “HI” to him. He can talk, whistle and sing.


This is Rory our hospital cat. She has the run of the upstairs and hangs out with our Practice Manager all day. Her daily activities include begging for treats, sleeping, walking the banister, sleeping, ignoring the dog and taking cat naps.

Rory’s Hobbies include dressing up for the holidays and licking unattended people food.


Dr. Peale and family found a wonderful little kitten at Kootani County Animal Shelter. Dr. Peale’s daughter named it “Krispy”. She is about a year old and is very active. Krispy will live here at the clinic with Rory up stairs. You can often catch her sleeping on one of the balconies or walking the banister. Please help us welcome the newest member of our family.


Meet Jim our ferret that Dr. Peale adopted in November 2018. He lives here at the clinic,  but gets regular sleep overs at the Peale household on the weekends. He is an adorable hyperactive escape artist that loves to sleep is odd positions.  Jim is always great for a good laugh or to de-stress our employees.


In Memory

We are sad to announce that our beloved “Atlas” has passed away. He was the best boy and we be greatly missed.