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Monitoring your pet’s health from a mobile device has never been easier! With our new PetDesk app, you’ll have access to all of your pet’s health data in the palm of your hand. Additionally, you’ll find it much simpler to interact with us. What you can do is:

  • 24/7 Appointment Requests
  • Receive Reminders Automatically
  • Save Pictures, Notes, and More
  • Free Pet Organizer App
  • Texting Back and Forth With Our Team


Have inquiries regarding our newest app? You can reach us by using the information at the bottom of this page!

Why should I install the application?

The PetDesk software makes keeping track of your pet’s health simple. With this free app, you can:

  • For your pet’s ongoing requirements and treatments, set up reminders.
  • Manage all of your pet’s boarding, grooming, and veterinary requirements in one location.
  • Keep pictures of your pet.
  • Make notes for your upcoming visit to the veterinarian for your pet.

If your veterinarian makes use of PetDesk, you can also gain the following advantages through the app:

  • Keep a record of your pet’s veterinarian visits, vaccinations, and past prescriptions.
  • Get reminders to schedule your appointments for pet care.
  • Quickly make and confirm reservations.
  • Get notifications from your veterinarian regarding picking up prescriptions and post-surgery information.
What devices does the app work on?

PetDesk is available on IOS and Android devices (Mobile or Tablet).

How do I edit my email listed in the app?
    • On your phone or tablet, use the PetDesk app.
    • Tap the gear in the top right corner of the “Pets” page.
    • Tap on the box that says “Your Name, Email, Address, and
    • Phone Number” at the top of the screen.
    • Tap your email to erase the previous message.

Submit a new email.

  • To save changes, select “Update” or “Save” at the bottom.
  • This refreshes your email in the app and for notifications from PetDesk.